PIVOTING: The Art Form of Figuring It Out.

We're all living in uncertain times. We're just figuring this shit out together man! It's like someone asking you how you do a certain thing. You answer: "dude I'm just figuring it out like you." The truth is, we don't know everything that there is to know in this world. However, in uncertain times, many people have looked to their creative side to implement changes that will create sustainability. Business owners have found new ways of marketing, selling, or creating products for the existing and new customer base. Entrepreneurs are able to dive into their super creative side and determine whether their business venture idea will work for a certain demographic. Athletes and the Sports World

Due Diligence in Your Business Matters!

Due diligence is a very serious issue in your business and entrepreneurism journey. Without it, you are destined for failure for lack of planning and preparedness. What is due diligence? Due diligence is the phase or step in business where you request, review, and prepare your next phase of business. Due diligence helps you to uncover the hidden issues that may cause destruction later on. It helps you to move forward with your eyes wide open so you can position yourself for greatness. Example of the Due Diligence: Say for instance you were seeking to purchase an existing business. That existing business will already have it's own framework and existing foundations. As a potential new owner,


Often, we strategize and analyze the numerical wins we collect on paychecks, or the many praises we receive when people are recognizing you for doing something. We strategize and analyze what we can often get from others; yet, fail to see the full picture of what our wins should be. In a time like this, it's essential to pause, look around you and count the wins. Not counting the things that society say we should count as success and accomplishments, but counting whether you've spoken to a loved one today. Did you hold someone's hand when they needed it. Did you pick up the phone to check on someone who possibly ran through your mind. Did you catch a glimpse of a beautiful past that reminded

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