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Intellectual Property: Trademarks + Copyrights
Business Disputes & Litigation
Employment Discrimination + Retaliation

Have an idea, product or service that you've monetized (or want to monetize) and need to protect it through federal registration? Are you seeing others start to use or copy your work?

You need our IP Consult below.

Have you been asked to Speak, bringing on new employees or Independent contractors? Are you negotiating a licensing deal or want to? Thinking about buying or selling a business? 

You need our Contract Consult. Book below.

Have a dispute that has (or has the potential) to go to court? Has a customer or business owner violated terms of your agreement? 

You need our litigation consult. Schedule Below.

Believe you're being discriminated against at work? Have you been terminated after complaining about a discriminatory, illegal, or violational act at work? 

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