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What does your name mean to you? Have you used your name in business? Have you promoted or associated your name with a product or service? Have you commissioned a logo or branding colors based on the significance of your name?

Many small business owners make the mistake of undervaluing their name, thinking that there's nothing special to it.

In fact, seeking federal protection of your name, the products and services, and marks that you create because of it is paramount to building business authority and credibility.

There are two common ways to protect your name which are often confused: trademark and copyright. Trademark protects the brand, namely the mark that others know you or your services in the marketplace. Copyright protects written works, artwork, and photographs to name a few.

Check out this Forbes article explaining why you should consider protecting your name/brand.

For additional support in protecting your business, sign up for a limited VIP offer. Space is limited.


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