There's Help and There's Hope

In dark times, we (the people) find out what we're truly made of. We look to leadership to lead and guide us by providing assurances that everything will be okay, but we equally look to one another to help uphold the other in a time of crisis. Many of our neighbors have suffered tremendously by COVID-19 whether they became effected, loss their jobs, or either had to brave going into work everyday knowing that they were putting themselves at risk to care for others or engage in other essential job functions to keep our world moving. We also have witnessed some people become insensitive at the sacrifices and needs of others. This crisis will fade away, but history will not. History will record

Brand Maintenance & Legacy Building during a National Crisis.

During a National crisis, entrepreneurs and small business owners find themselves focusing more on the crisis and less on the opportunities that are provided. Instead of focusing on the negative, opportunity grows from the small window of positiveness that one garners from any situation. By focusing on the negative events of a crisis, the entrepreneur or small business owner will fail to maintain their brand and lose sight of creating a legacy that they want to leave behind. To successfully maintain your brand, it involves a level of preparation of where you want your brand to go, and also involves how you respond or develop in times of a crisis. Furthermore, based on the brand that you crea


Unfortunately, we have found ourselves in a new pandemic impacting the entire world, called Coronavirus ("COVID-19). This virus has caused many to lose their lives, others to struggle financially and who knows what else. It has caused some to panic, others to become indifferent, while many search for a solution. Not only is COVID-19 impacting people personally, it's impacting businesses and finance. Therefore, I've teamed up with a great friend and collaborative partner to present on the financial impact COVID-19 is making. Financial Adviser and business owner, Michael George, will dive deep into the financial considerations in our current market, how and what moves to make with your 401(k)

TRADEMARKS: How to manage your intellectual property (IP) with employees and independent contractors

Business owners often seek advice from family and friends regarding hiring an employee or independent contractor (IC) to perform a particular job in creating a process, a product, a name, etc., for their brand. The business owner has worked hard and diligently in creating their business name, brand and products, and which illustrates a level of success that they wish to continue. The fatal mistake that the business owner will make, however, is not asking an attorney for advice. Why? Sometimes, a simple employment agreement is not enough. Considerations for the Business Owner 1. Federal Registration in place prior to agreements to improve the brand by an employee or IC: Have you filed any fed

The Grind! A Necessary Component to Entrepreneurship.

What is "Grinding" to you? To me, it's the constant putting one-foot in front of the other; the consistency of speaking your truth and purpose; the consistency of asking for what you want; the constant hard-working ethics to drive results; the constant willingness to keep moving forward no matter how many doors are shut and "NO's" uttered. Entrepreneurship has not allows been accepted as a lucrative or even possible profession where one could create stability and security. Simply, to be an "entrepreneur" has garnered a sexy connotation, but many who dare to step into the world of entrepreneurism are ill-prepared for the grunt work and the amount of grind necessary for success. Becoming an en

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