The Contract Case and the "Unsuspecting" Bankruptcy Issue

Oftentimes, litigants - whether pro se or represented by counsel - have no idea about the "unsuspecting" bankruptcy issue that may completely derail their case. It is common place for individuals to file bankruptcy where they have become overwhelmed with debt. Sometimes, the bankruptcy is filed because an individual is getting sued for some money damages for breaking a contract, personal injury law suit etc. As a litigant in any matter where an unrelated and unsuspecting bankruptcy has been filed, what are you obligations. First, if you are the debtor who has filed the bankruptcy, you want to ensure that you provide notice to all of your creditors including the opposing party in the current

Did you buy a home and realized there were undisclosed material defects? You may be awarded contract

Buying a home is the ultimate American dream. Many people flock to the United States with hopes that they one day, will be able to own their own piece of land. Many natural born Americans, work tirelessly, so that they to can enjoy something called "home." Something that sets an example for the hard work and determination to get where they are. So, what will you do if you have worked to obtain the ultimate American dream of purchasing your own home and only to find out that the sellers did not disclose material defects in the property? These defects, of course, are not things that you would have noticed at the time of inspection of the property. What would you do? Well, you have the right to

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