3 Crucial Mistakes When Buying a New Business & How to Avoid them.

If you’re looking to start a new business venture (regardless of whether it's your first or fiftieth), you have two options: 1) build your own from scratch or 2) buy an existing one. And while many entrepreneurs dream of building their own company from the ground up, the reality is, launching a brand-new business can be incredibly difficult. There's a dire sacrifice in creating a business from scratch because you will undoubtedly invest long hours for very minimal financial reward. However, whether your operation is ever able to generate a profit or not, starting your own business can consume your life like few other activities. Furthermore, no matter how much you sacrifice, there’s no gua

Workplace Retaliation: What you should know.

When it comes to workplace retaliation, certain forms of employer retaliation are not only unethical, they’re illegal on both the federal and state level. Thus, workplace retaliation can be a murky issue that’s difficult to clearly pin down without a specific set of facts. It's possible that you may have already committed retaliation against an employee without knowing it. To make things more confusing, not all incidents of workplace retaliation are illegal; it all depends on the circumstances. Since workplace retaliation is among the most frequently alleged bases for discrimination claims made to the Equal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), every employer should be familiar w

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