The Dreamer In You

At some point in our lives, we've all dreamed of becoming something more than what we were. We dared to dream big, imaging all the places we would go and all the good we would do. Some of us may have even imagined that our names would be in lights, a crowd of people would cheer us on and we'd be rushed with insurmountable love and praise! There was nothing keeping you from coining this dream - this hope that you would one day, be a star in your own right. What happens when the dream actually becomes your reality? You realize that I've done it. I put in the work and it paid off. You're overcome with so much emotion and glee that you start to fall victim to all the things your dreams never pre

Did you know: You can Trademark a color?

It never fails, you create a beautiful company with amazing services or products, you've carefully selected your color scheme and one-day, you have a copycat. You have noticed that they opened a business in the same industry, using the same color scheme, and had the audacity to choose a similar name. Of course, all of these issues may be a problem. But, what if you never trademarked the color scheme? It's unprotected for trademark purposes. Normally, when a party uses the "TM" sign, they are providing notice to the world that they have common law rights to the name/symbol that is being portrayed as their unique brand. When they use the "R" in a circle, it signifies that the mark has been ful

Employment Issues: The Crisis Impact

There's been numerous conversations regarding our current crisis and the immense impact on our nation. Additionally, there's been conversations regarding support for small businesses and providing relief to families who are suddenly displaced as a result. But what people do not talk about is the legal interplay embedded within the confines of the new bills and statutes which provides the relief many are eager to accept. Previously, I mentioned that the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), implemented under the CARES Act, provides protections to working people and places additional requirements on business owners. Essentially, employees may have a right to bring an action against


Many business owners and entrepreneurs are asking themselves if they will have a business post-COVID-19. Many are suffering with the turmoil of potentially losing their businesses as isolation and quarantine extends, and dealing with the anxiety that's attached to everything they've built. Are you experiencing this? It's okay if you are. I understand that hearing about COVID-19 everywhere you go and on every channel you turn on can be overwhelming. Therefore, to help ease your burden, here are some quick resources to help you strategize for your company's future. The Care's Act - The Coronovirus Stimulus Bill Some key benefits to this Bill include the following: Direct Payments to Citizens:

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