Conquering Your Fears! Mindset is imperative for success.

We are all afraid of something. Most of us are simply afraid of rejection and that tends to keep us stuck and unable to move forward in our business. Why? Maybe there's something that occurred in your past that you've never quite addressed and suppressed enough to move forward with your daily tasks. But, has that suppression caused you to remain in fear of doing the things you want, or asking for the help you need? It's possible. In 2020, I want you to work on conquering your fears because we all need the right mindset to be successful. If you operate with the mindset of "he is not going to allow me," or "why should I ask her that, she'll just say no," you'll never know if what you want is p

Oh... Financials! Have you put a plan in place?

If you're not a numbers guy or woman, Financials can seem like a daunting task to engage in. I know it is for me. I always tell people that I went to law school to avoid math! Hahaha. But, really... You can't escape it. If you are currently in business or contemplating starting your own entrepreneurial journey, you have to start with the numbers! HOW DO I FIGURE OUT MY NUMBERS? It's easier than you may think. Your numbers will begin with a budget for your personal income and expenses. Most entrepreneurs and business owners create start-ups by using their own cash flow which may come from family or a job. Therefore, when you set out a budget for your personal income and expenses, you'll start


If you're like most people, there have been numerous questions circling in your mind about the cannabis industry and whether you qualify as a patient or how much does it cost to run a cannabis business as a business owner. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about the cannabis industry for your convenience. I currently hold a valid medical marijuana card out of state. Can I use this card in Illinois? No. Illinois has not allowed medical marijuana card holders to use any out-of-state cards for benefits here. This means that Illinois does not recognize any state reciprocity. The qualifying patient must hold a valid Illinois card. I’m a Veteran. Can I receive medical ma

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