Business Response During A Global Crisis

We've all seen how our favorite companies - and those under the radar - have responded during a global crisis. It's obvious that the novel Coronavirus 19 has left many people, business owners, and entrepreneurs wondering how their businesses will survive. Meanwhile, others are basking in the moment of newfound opportunities and relief. Why? Because these businesses understood the importance of responding and shifting (pivoting) their focus or brand to further support their client/customer base. In addition, others found support in governmental aide allotted to businesses. While others are hoping they'll have a business to return to, many are working the ones that had prior to Coronavirus. He

Trademarks vs. Business

Registering a business name does not give you automatic trademark protections. It only ensures that no-one can register a business in your s


Empathy. Now there's a word that many don't truly grasp. To be empathetic means to fully understand or to seek understanding of another's plight. Too often, I've watched and listed to others claim they were empathetic to sensitive social issues, but never did much outside of talking to show support. We are living in a time where people are starting to truly grasp empathy. People are starting to truly understand that being empathetic also means putting action behind their words to show true support and understanding. When I say action, I mean something really small. Something as significant as "speaking up when you see something is wrong." Some as significant as "staying with someone's child

"Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere." MLK, Jr.

Stories of victimization by American Police officers are stories that are common to black people in America. I wish I could say that I never experienced or seen cops batter my family. I wish I could say that I've never been mistreated by cops in the country that promised to "serve and protect me," . . . but I can't. Too often, black people are forced to live in a culture that demonizes and promotes injustice against them. Nevermind the hard work they exude to illustrate that "we are not a threat." Nevermind a young black man or woman who are college educated. Nevermind a young black man who decides to leave his home for a morning jog. Nevermind.... It's like, "nevermind our lives" because we

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