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Business Gone Wrong!

Have you heard of the CLUBHOUSE lawsuit?

Here's the Tea.

Clubhouse has been sued for trademark infringement by another company who had been operating and known as the Clubhouse.

The company claims that had "CLUBHOUSE App" did a simple search in the United States Trademark and Patent Office, it would have seen that there was an active registration for that name.

Here's the significance for you:

1. Due Diligence.

Often, business owners and entrepreneurs create business and brand names without ever thinking on whether someone has the same name and operates in the same service industry. Considering the example that we see with this lawsuit here, this can cost you a lot of problems including your business.

2. Business Reputation.

The last thing you want is to be pulled into court for what is regarded as "bad business practices." When this happens, other people/businesses may question whether you have the proper aptitude for business and whether they can trust you.

Don't be like CLUBHOUSE App. Research and hire counsel to advise you on the right business names and plans to help you avoid and mitigate your damages.

For business support and needs, visit or call us to schedule your consultation.


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