Is it Time to ‘Break Up’ With a Client. Here are 3 Signs to watch for.

As a business owner, you've probably endured situations of dealing with clients who actually create more troubles than they are worth. There are several issues that you need to keep watch out for in telling you when it may be time to cut ties. This may seem harsh, but let's face it. You're running a business. When you fail to adhere to these signs, these trouble-clients/customers could be the very reason why your business is failing or may fail. 1. Late payments Some clients or customers may make a few late-payments. That's not what's concerning. If you have a client that continuously make their payments, but sometimes it's a few days late, that's fine. Those are good clients. What we are ta

Some things you should Never Do on Social Media

Social media is such a great medium to connect with your base and engage with new and potential clients. However, social medial tends to provide a safe haven to say and address issues that one wouldn't usually address. With that, there are certain dangers that loom to engaging on social media that may tarnish your business reputation. If you want to prevent your brand from going viral for the wrong reasons, here are three things you should never do on social media: 1. Post about politics and/or religion I'm sure you've been online lately and have seen a lot of political and religious driven posts that tends to - in one way or another - turn people off. It's important to understand your base,

ACA Compliance - 2019: Q & A.

As you know, the Trump Administration has worked to weaken and repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In fact, in 2017 the Administration provided Tax Cuts And Jobs Act (TCJA), which repealed the ACA’s individual mandate that requires all Americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty which went into effect starting in January 2019. Following passage of the TCJA, the Administration and many of Trump's supporters have vowed that they have in fact repealed the ACA. But, this is not true. Yes, the individual mandate was repealed by the TCJA, but the new tax law did nothing to effect the ACA’s mandate which requires employers to provide adequate and affordable health insurance to their emplo

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