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Business Representation

Do not wait to hire legal counsel!

SL DeBarros represents start-ups, entrepreneurs, established businesses or those who have a claim against a business.

Regardless of what type of client and issue you may have, it's never a good idea to wait before taking legal action in your business planning or in litigation.

When you become a client of SL DeBarros Law Firm, you will be able to choose a plan, for business or litigation, that is best suited for your needs.

Here's a few of the main services that you receive when you sign up with SLD'.

Business Protection Kit

The Business Protection kit helps you to get all of your legal, insurance, financial and tax systems set up properly so you will be one step closer to operating a successful business of value.

Combination Lock Safe

Intellectual Property

Business owners and entrepreneurs constantly create intellectual property without knowing they are doing so. SLD helps you file your trademarks,  patents and copyrights to protect your ideas.


Infringement: Think someone is infringing on your product or idea? We can help with that also.

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Corporate Contracts

Every corporation should o perate its business by ensuring that contracts are being signed whenever necessary. This not only helps to protect the business, but it also protects you personally.

Contract Review

General Counsel

This services is provided under a Business Plan that you may choose to help guide and operate your business in the proper way.


Based on the plan you seek, you will meet with your trusted advisor twice per month, quaterly, or annually.

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