A lot of people recognize the benefits of business ownership like: No-one looking over your shoulder, tired of building someone else's dream, tired of working long hours for meager pay, tired of spending the holidays and special occasions away from family, etc. The reality of it is, all of those things happen on the journey of entrepreneurship. Most importantly, as an entrepreneur - the captain of the ship - you have a responsibility to ensure the "entire house" is on solid foundation. And... we know that some entrepreneurs tend to build their business from the top down; thus, their ventures crumble and fade away. The long hours, the sleepless nights, the sacrificed vacations and family time

Business Maintenance

I'm always amazed at the sheer number of people who "look like" they have a banging business but if the cover was removed - don't really have a business at all because they failed to properly maintain it. Most people think that simply filing a business registration is all that's required to create and stay in business. However, what many unsuspecting business owners and entrepreneurs don't realize is that "maintenance" of the business entity is paramount to benefits; yet, failure to properly maintain can open many doors of liability. What's Maintenance: First, it's following the rules laid out for your state for the entity that you've registered. Since LLC is the most popular, I'll use that

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