CONTRACTS PART II: Three Contract Provisions You Need!

Operating a business can be costly. Trust me, I definitely understand. But there is one cost that should never be pushed aside and that's drafting your own agreements. When entrepreneurs and do-it-yourself business owners draft their own agreements, they inevitably will miss important provisions that should be laid out in the event the contract will enforcement in a court of law. Although there are many provisions that you should have to ensure you have an air-tight agreement, here are three provisions that you definitely want to ensure is listed in your contract. 1. Dispute Resolution: Many business owners never think about how they want to handle any disputes that may arise as a result of

CONTRACTS PART I: Are your contracts ambiguous?

We've all been there... written something, reviewed it more than three times and it just looks right to you. In many situations, it may not be. Most business owners feel very accomplished when they put their agreements in writing without the assistance of counsel. Unfortunately, that accomplished feeling will quickly flee when they realize that major defects are present in their agreement because they didn't take the time to seek the advice of counsel or pay a few hundred dollars for a review to be sure. One main issue with drafting contracts without the assistance of counsel is that your agreement can be very ambiguous, allowing the other party to argue that the agreement actually meant som


Chicago, IL – November 13, 2019. Chicagoland Attorney, Sivonnia DeBarros, is pleased to accept membership with Beyond the Game Network (BTG). BTG’s members consist of Professional Athletes and Business Executives. Attorney DeBarros is a five-year veteran attorney, founder and Principle attorney of SL DeBarros Law Firm, LLC, and practices in the areas of Business, Contracts, Sports & Entertainment, and Labor & Employment law. Attorney DeBarros represents Professional Athletes (current and former) by implementing innovative plans and systems to help them properly start-up and operate sustainable, profitable businesses. “I’m thrilled to be included in BTG’s amazing group. Not only will it allow

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