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Don't Forget About the Sunshine

How many times have you wondered through life focusing on the negative things - the painful things - and all along forgot about the sunshine?

A short time ago, I wrote a Facebook post about how cold I was while my three-year old son and I walked our dog around the neighborhood. But what was amazing was this spiritual enlightenment I received when I felt the sunshine on my back.

It showed me that, when we focus on the pain it begins to consume us. When we focus on the sunshine - the good things - it takes that pain away.

I have realized that life is a series of perspectives. It's up to you on how you want to perceive each and every experience and it's also up to you on whether you'd like to take a "winner's approach" or a "losers' approach."

A winner see things from learning and winning. If they don't "win," they learn and that creates a win-win. A loser only hopes to win and if they lose, they fail to learn anything from the lesson, thus re-orbiting them back into a cycle of pain to hopefully gain the insight necessary to see the "sunshine."

Which one are you?


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