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Often, business owners forgo legal counsel under the guise that they can't afford the expense. What we've come to learn and understand is that business owners can afford counsel, but it's a mindset that keeps them from taking proactive measures to ensure their business is fully protected by having counsel aboard. Therefore, we've curated legal courses that are designed specifically with the business owner in mind to help him/her make the best decisions for their business.

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  • Estate Planning for the Busy Entrepreneur

    TBA: This Course will teach you how to create an estate plan for your personal and business life so you can rest assured that you'll have added protection.

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  • Free Course - What About Those Contracts?

    REPLAY COURSE: This course will help you identify various issues that could cause problems in your business.

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    45 Minutes

  • Ins & Outs of Contract Provisions

    This Course is designed to help you understand the various common provisions that make up a contract and why they are important.

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    4 Hours

  • Building Business Ethics

    Building business ethics in your business will help you to create a company culture that will turn your employees and customers into raving fans.

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    1 Hour

  • DIY Trademarks

    This Course will help you understand Trademarks, how it's different from Copyrights and how you can utilize it to protect your intellectual property.

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    3.5 Hours

  • DIY Copyright

    This Course will help you understand how you can use Copyright to protect your intellectual property.

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    2.5 Hours

  • The S.A.E. Course - Charting Entrepreneurial Success.

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    45 minutes

  • Business Formation the Right Way.

    Many business owners don't understand the elements to proper business formation. In this Course, you'll learn about what you need beyond the Secretary of State Registration so you can enjoy the limited liability shield.

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    3 Hours

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