How to proceed after filing an uncontested dissolution.

This article is based on how to navigate the Cook County, IL court system after a dissolution of marriage for an uncontested matter has already been filed. After you have filed your dissolution materials with the clerk of court, you will be waiting for those documents to be served on your spouse. Once he or she has been accurately served, your spouse will be instructed, through the summons, to file their appearance in the domestic relations division and pay the requsite filing fee of $206. If you elected to have the sheriff serve the documents, they will file an affidavit of service. If you chose a private process service, they will provide you with an affidavit of service. In that case, you

How to file for Uncontested Divorce in Cook County, IL.

Many times, people ask me, "how can I file for divorce pro se"? Usually, they have some small idea or one document that they think only needs to be notarized to cement their dissolution. Well, it is very simple. However, keep in mind that if you are filing for an uncontested dissolution of marriage, it is imperative that every single issue has been agreed upon. If there are still lingering issues that become disputed, you will not be allowed to file an uncontested matter. It's all or nothing for uncontested matters. There are several documents that you will need to get started: (1) a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, (2) a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage, (3) a Marital Settlement Ag

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