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Empathy. Now there's a word that many don't truly grasp. To be empathetic means to fully understand or to seek understanding of another's plight.

Too often, I've watched and listed to others claim they were empathetic to sensitive social issues, but never did much outside of talking to show support.

We are living in a time where people are starting to truly grasp empathy. People are starting to truly understand that being empathetic also means putting action behind their words to show true support and understanding. When I say action, I mean something really small. Something as significant as "speaking up when you see something is wrong." Some as significant as "staying with someone's child when they are pulled over by police."

To be empathetic means to place yourself in another's person shoes and at the very least, try to grasp how situations would impact or affect you if you were in the same position.

Remember in times of trouble, sadness, and historical movements, not just your voice matters; empathy through action also matters and can make a significant difference in whether some lives or dies. Just think about that...


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