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Unfortunately, we have found ourselves in a new pandemic impacting the entire world, called Coronavirus ("COVID-19). This virus has caused many to lose their lives, others to struggle financially and who knows what else. It has caused some to panic, others to become indifferent, while many search for a solution.

Not only is COVID-19 impacting people personally, it's impacting businesses and finance. Therefore, I've teamed up with a great friend and collaborative partner to present on the financial impact COVID-19 is making.

Financial Adviser and business owner, Michael George, will dive deep into the financial considerations in our current market, how and what moves to make with your 401(k) retirement accounts, whether you should invest in this market, and why having a financial planner is important.

Like anything else, it's imperative that we take action as measures of precautions, not reactions, to prevent similar future issues like this. Furthermore, just because COVID-19 is making others stop in their tracks, doesn't mean that you have to.

Missed the Webinar? See it here.


This article is a service of SL DeBarros Law Firm, LLC. We offer a wide array of business legal services and can help you make the wisest business choices throughout life and in the event of your death. We also offer a Business Protection Start-Up Session or a Business Audit for an ongoing business, which includes a review of all the legal, financial, and tax systems you need for your business. Call us today to schedule.

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