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Imagine creating a successful brand, saving the money to file your first trademark, and then opening a letter claiming that you owe hundreds or thousands more.

Your heart would probably begin to sink, beating harder with every new pump. You'd probably be shocked and thinking, "did I do something wrong?" You may say, "I've already paid the filing fee to begin the registration process so why are they asking for more?" You might even reach out to a relative to help you pay the cost that's demanded in the letter.

Here are some startling statistics to keep in mind:

  1. One in ten people will fall victim to a scam or fraud

  2. About 50% of people who are contacted by a scammer will engage with them.

  3. Imposter scams account for over $400M in financial losses.

An imposter scam is when someone poses as another with a full attempt to take money from you. Think about the excitement around registering your first work to gain federal protection of your brand only to subsequently receive a letter stating that you owe more money. The fraudsters are hoping that you buy into the narrative so that you mail money to the location that they have designated in the letter or email.

Here's an example of the letters you could receive in the mail:

These imposter scammers are posing as major governmental agencies and popular tech companies and it's your responsibility to be on the lookout to protect yourself.

Recently, a client reached out to me asking what a particular trademark letter was all about. We had previously filed this business owner's trademark registration, but she received a letter stating that she owed more money.

Although our client is a successful business owner and global speaker, this client was not aware of the imposter scams that existed. Because of our representation, we were able to quickly and effectively inform the client of the scam and continue protecting the brand that she entrusted us with.

When you hire counsel to help you with your trademark registration, you're not just hiring a box checker, but someone who will protect your intellectual property rights and financial interests attached to them. Let's get you on the right track to full legal protection and ensure you have the right team on your side to protect you from scammers. Book your Trademark Call before prices go up. Call today at 708-234-7298.


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