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There's Help and There's Hope

In dark times, we (the people) find out what we're truly made of. We look to leadership to lead and guide us by providing assurances that everything will be okay, but we equally look to one another to help uphold the other in a time of crisis.

Many of our neighbors have suffered tremendously by COVID-19 whether they became effected, loss their jobs, or either had to brave going into work everyday knowing that they were putting themselves at risk to care for others or engage in other essential job functions to keep our world moving.

We also have witnessed some people become insensitive at the sacrifices and needs of others. This crisis will fade away, but history will not. History will record the failures of our leaders to guide us through this crisis. History will record those who lost their lives and loved-ones from such a pandemic. History will show up at your door step to ask: "were you on the right side"?

We are all impacted by COVID-19 through isolation, sickness, braving the risky conditions to report to work, or through death.

Join me in doing what's right by using whatever gifts/ talents you have to make things a little bit easier for us all to weather this storm.


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