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I know you've heard people say that they don't need to vote because nothing is going to change, right? I have. And I never could understand why they say that. I guess I'm starting to see and understand.

When your voice is beaten down and out of you, when it feel like the government conspires to suppress your vote, your vote can seem hopeless. But that's just it... It isn't.

Yes, people have been killed, people's voting rights have been suppressed and that's all the more reason to get up and vote. When I think of the resilient people who have died for simple freedoms and equality like this, I can never turn away from the sheer determination and courage it took to stand up for what is right.

Those in government and places of power want you to believe that your vote doesn't matter so you continue staying home and allowing them to carry on as usual. You must show them that you're done with sitting home. You must show them that you are up for the task - that you're courageous - that darn it, you mean business!

If anyone tell you that your vote doesn't matter, you tell them, "it does matter because I matter."

Let's go vote! Let's Change the Game! And Let's Make it Work the way it ought to!


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