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You Deserve to Be Celebrated!

I had the greatest Ahh-Haa moment this past weekend. I decided to order cabinets to re-organize my office and do some cleaning. While I was cleaning, I saw my envelopes of Degrees and Certificates tucked on the side of one of my standing cabinets. I pulled them out. Then I wondered... "where did I put my other accolades, certificates, etc.?" So I began searching for them. Found them in a folder tucked away in my other cabinet. At this point. I had previously finished constructing my additional two cabinets that I purchased for organization. I sat on the floor pulling each degree, certificate, honors, award, and letters out. What I realized was "Damn... girl you're smart!" In law school (prior to transferring to Chicago), I maintained a 3.8 GPA. In my Masters Degree Program, I received the President's Award for maintaining a 4.0. In college, I was awarded the BIG East Honor's award for achieving over 3.0GPA on the Women's Track & Field Team at USF.

But among those things were letters and Honor Roll Certificates dating from High School up through Law School. Letters of schools granting me scholarships because of my academic performance.

So... I take a break and pull out my high school memory book and photo album. Regardless of the countless times I've seen this, something felt different. I saw a business card I created while in high school that I gave out to my peers to set their hair appointments. I saw "Future Business Leaders of America" membership cards and newspaper clippings from track wins. I saw classes taken on the honors track and the reminder of how much I hate math. Haha. Then I read my dreams page and realized how much came true. At least 90% did.

I had a realization. All of my degrees, awards, certificates, honors, had been tucked away all this time. I need to start hanging this stuff up. I go to the store to purchase frames and upon my return, I get to work. Slowly, the room begins to transform and achievements start bouncing off of the walls!

And it hits me!!! Whoaaaa! You're a big deal girl! You're truly a big deal! Look at all of the amazing things you've done! Look at what you've accomplished. Why haven't you

celebrated yourself? Why haven't you patted yourself on the back? I began to realize that for my entire life, I've been waiting for others to celebrate me. I've dealt with the countless comparison to other people when I'd share my accolades. I've dealt with the minimization of my greatness and that caused me to neatly tuck myself away with the feeling that I hadn't accomplished enough yet to be great!

Well, no more! I'm celebrating! For the years of work and achievements that I earned. For the sacrifices that were made. It's time for celebration because I am a BIG deal.

Hang up your awards! Hang up your degrees! Hang up important letters and handwritten cards that have changed your life. Do it! You deserve it.


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Vonnie you are a big deal!!!!! You’re the first to become a Lawyer in our immediate family 👏🏾 BIG DEAL!!!! Also to follow your dreams so far is also a big deal! Not to mention opening your own firm🤷🏽‍♀️BIGGEST DEAL EVER. As an Aunt I admire you for all of your accomplishments big and small. While I was going to love you if you were a high school dropout, but thank God he wouldn’t let it be so. Can anything good come from Archer, Florida 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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Thank you so much for this message. I think sometimes it's easier to "downplay" the beauty others see if you if you haven't fully grasped the notion of self-worth. My enlightenment of self has been ever growing and I can say that I've finally realized - for myself - that I'm a big deal. And it feels A-MA-ZING. I hope to inspire others reading this post that they are a Big deal too! It just takes grooming your self-worth to realize it. ❤

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