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The Dreamer & Healing Your Inner Child

Too often, we talk about always needing to heal our inner child and not thanking our inner child for the goodness that it gave us. We're too consumed with moving far away from what hurt us while also creating the imminent inability to be thankful for what we learned in the process.

What happened to saying "thank you" to that inner child? What happened that kept you from recognizing your dreams? As a child you always dreamed and wasn't afraid to dream as big as the sky.

What happened?

Yes, your inner child may need healing, but your inner child also gave you something that no-one can touch. Be okay with finding that again. Find the freedom to dream again. Find the courage to dream again.

Never mind what other people have to say about those dreams simply because they're unable to relate or understand them. Your dreams wasn't meant for others to approve.

But remember, you must connect your dream with action or nothing will happen. When you connect your dream with action, the possibilities are endless.

Are you still dreaming?


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