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Initiative: Why It Matters.

Personally, I have a pet peeve of people asking for information that's readily available when all they have to do is take a little time to find the answers themselves. For as long as I can remember, I was assertive and never afraid to take initiative. Funny thing is... my three year old son is the same way. Haha.

Taking initiative is a characteristic trait that can be taught but it truly starts with a different mindset. For instance, I've always embodied a spirit of helping others and thus, if I saw someone struggling to complete something or simply needing help, I'd take the initiative to offer some assistance.

Some people don't embody the spirit of giving and therefore, that mindset has to be re-worked.

An initiative characteristic can also pay dividends into the future because you make yourself irreplaceable and indispensable.

Listen to my latest episode with the amazing Megan Perry who spoke about taking initiative and making herself available and how it helped to carve out her success later. Megan ensured that she was always around, always helping, always asking if someone needed something, and always there to pick up any of the slack when others would leave early. She became an integral player in sports administration and it has blessed her career.

If you're trying to assess whether you have this characteristic, think about the following:

  1. Do you have a spirit of giving and helping?

  2. Do you tend to help out regardless of whether the other person is seeking help or not?

  3. Does someone have to ask you to do every single task without you requesting the task or other assignments if you finish early.

Check out Megan Perry's full podcast episode here to understand how taking initiative can help to build your future.


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