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Unbeknownst to us, year 2020 had something in store for all of us! It caused many to stop, reflect, appreciate, and count their blessings!

Year 2020 took so much away; yet, it gave us so much more! Remember, that perspective is everything! Yes, 2020 took amazing loved ones but it provided me with a greater understanding of God's love, and how blessed I was to know the people that have transitioned into the spiritual world.

Year 2020 gave me a new found understanding on life and the importance to seize EVERY MOMENT as if it was the last.

Often, we put things off thinking, "oh, I'll just do that tomorrow or next year." You don't know if there will be a tomorrow or next year so act now! If 2020 has taught you anything, know that we can't control when our last days will be upon us, but we can do something with the time and moments that we occupy right now!

Don't wait for tomorrow to be great! Start being great today! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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