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Ever heard someone talk about how much they love their boss and going to work? Ever heard someone talk about how much they dreaded going into work because of all the stressors, bickering and micromanaging by their employer?

I've heard both. As a business owner, cultivating the right culture is paramount to your business success. You may not agree with me and say, "Sivonnia, that's not true because my business only depends on me." Okay, true enough.

Think about this for a moment. If you are the only one in your business, you will not have the capacity to scale up. You want growth, right? You want to make a difference with your craft, right? Therefore, to scale you will need to see growth and with growth comes the task of employing others to make that happen.

When you began to hire others, it's essential that you create a business culture that will be fun, uplifting, inviting, safe, inclusive and diversified.

Here's a few tips on creating a great business culture:

1. Celebrate your employees' wins.

When you celebrate your employees' wins, it provides great morale and they become empowered and motivated to keep doing great work. Never underestimate the value of the smallest task. When your employee feels appreciated, they will inherently want to do more and provide additional quality work.

2. Create Diversity & Inclusion.

Build an environment that is diverse and inclusive. This allows your employees to provide differing experiences that are innate to them, but which also will help your business culture reach others in various communities. When you build diverse and inclusive environments, your employees will naturally feel apart of the team.

3. Allow your Employees to provide input/feedback.

Regardless of what your particular product or service is, your employees are also potential customers. When you create something, you're speaking directly to them. Allow your employees to give honest feedback and input about your product or service as it will help you to understand other perspectives and perceptions that others in the community may also have. Furthermore, this helps your employees feel like they are truly apart of the conversation and that's a great feeling.

4. Evaluations.

Celebrate what your employee is doing well in their evaluations and explain what areas they can improve on without belittling or shunning them. Govern their work by doing scheduled shadowing so they know you truly care and want them to thrive.

Overall, be nice but firm. It's absolutely okay to run a tight ship but celebrate your employees where and when you can to show your appreciation for their dedication and support. They will be raving fans.


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