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Often we go through life thinking that there has to be more! There has to be something greater beyond me that needs to be done. You're right. In the bestselling book, What Are You Sporting About?, I discuss being a dreamer and breaking down barriers in your own mind to allow you to soar in your purpose.

Then BOOM! I run across an article that epitomizes everything this question poses: What Are You Sporting About? A New York Times Journalists, Gary Santaniello, runs across this African American woman who has a love for the game of Hockey. There's one problem, this woman hardly saw other women at hockey games who looked like her. 

In fact, this woman, who's name is Renee Hess, wanted to do more and thus, created the Black Girl Hockey Club and posed a question to others asking if black women loved hockey. The response was astounding. Now, Renee's twitter followers exceed 16K people.

Renee did something amazing. As a sports lover, a hockey fan, she saw an institutional problem that encompassed large issues around race and gender bias and stood up against it by creating the Black Girl Hockey club ensuring that there will be gender and racial inclusion for people who look like her can enjoy the game without feeling intimidated and picked on.

Moreover, Renee has been an integral part in challenging the NHL to put people of color on their committees so there's true diversity and representation. Gary also reports that Renee charges the NHL to take a clear stance on a myriad of social issues created by the killing of George Floyd.

I mean... the girl is bad and Gary is amazing for catching this story. There are - and have been - so many silent heros who go into the world everyday changing things that simply don't sit right in their hearts.

Renee's efforts for diversity in Hockey is a true representation and understanding of the question What Are You Sporting About? Sports is bigger than us. This life is bigger than us. Our Purpose is bigger than us. 

Listen to my interview of Gary Santaniello, the journalist who caught this amazing story and allow it to inspire you to do something heroic - something life changing. 

Remember, snag a copy of this book so you can start answering your the question: What Are You Sporting About?


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