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In a car accident? Avoid the Low-Ball Offer from the Insurance Company. Hire a Lawyer!

Have you or someone you know recently been involved in a car accident? Were body injuries and property damage sustained? If so, you may have a viable claim against the insured insurance company that may motivate the insurance company to settle the matter before a case is even filed.

First, consider having a lawyer represent you. Too often, individuals forgo retaining counsel because they do not want the attorney to take their 30% contingency fee. That's crazy right? You need a lawyer because the insurance company will send you a very low-ball offer and have you waive any future claims about this accident against them. That simply means, once you sign the waiver and agree to take a settlement offer that does not cover your full medical bills or property damage, you will not be able to sue the insurance company or their insured (the person or company who hit you) later.

Second, having a lawyer adds another benefit because the attorney can negotiate with medical providers to take a lesser fee for their services. If that happens, you will have more proceeds in your pocket from the settlement.

Another benefit of having counsel is that you can focus on healing and avoid the stress of negotiating with an entity who does not have your best interests in mind. Furthermore, your attorney will seek information from the insured's insurance company for relevant policy information to help gain a great settlement for you. For example, Illinois Rule 215 ILCS 5/143.24b allows an attorney to seek the insured's policy coverage amount and who is named under the policy, to name a few.

If you or someone you know are ever in a vehicle accident, are injured on a property, or otherwise injured by someone or something, here are FIVE things you should do when the accident occurs:

  1. Contact a Lawyer, call SLD 708.234.7298;

  2. Do not make statements to the insurance company that can minimize your ability to get a great settlement;

  3. Get all information from the opposing party (insurance, vehicle type, tag number);

  4. Get a copy of the accident report; and

  5. Immediately go to the hospital and continue treatment especially if you are injured.

Remember, you deserve to be compensated for your property losses and medical injuries. Therefore, do not settle with low-ball offers. Retain a lawyer and win!

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