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Support the Women on Your Team.

One thing I know is that it's so hard to get ahead as a woman in business. It doesn't matter the professional genre, there still remains this unspoken hurdle that we strive tirelessly to overcome.

Now, I know you may be saying, "come on Sivonnia.... you're just saying that because you're a woman but it's not that bad for women out here." Yes it is and to turn a blind eye towards the unequal balance of opportunity in the workplace is extremely stupid.

For years, women have been given the backseat to many opportunities, have been put in the shadows of major advancements in their field, and have been forced to play second fiddle to their male counterparts.

We know that women are fierce, dedicated and loyal. Women are creative and bring their innate ability to nurture anything to life. I could never understand why men would say, "you guys are just nurturers" like it was a bad thing. When something is put into a woman's hands, it changes it form, it instinctively develops into something different than could have been imagined.

If you have a woman on your team, give her the credit she deserves! Put her in roles that you'd only thought fit for her male counterpart. Provide her with more opportunity and see the magic happen. After all, she will nurture your dreams into reality.


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