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Re-Language Your Story

Often, we -- Yes WE, allow others to write and tell our stories in ways that de-glorify the survival and achievements that have been made which defied the odds.

Regardless of gender, class, environments, and religion, we all have a story to tell. It may be one of escaping abuse or overcoming poverty; but it can also be a story of helping others make their first six and seven figure income and finding financial security.

The problem is, however, is that when we allow others to tell our stories, facts become skewed taking on an identity that we don't know ourselves.

An amazing professional basketball player, Toccara Ross, spoke with What Are You Sporting About? Podcast on re language-ing your story. As an athlete, Ross understands that there are too many stories of athletes who "come from the hood and escape victimization" by making it to the Pros.

Ross stated: "our stories can change." Our stories can be written by us, told by us and that's when she decided to "re-language her story and not sit in victim-hood." Ross stated that as an athlete, she knew that she could "use the sport, not let the sport use her" to create a story that she would be proud of and one that could help her achieve great things.

We all have overcome something. We all have achieved something. Don't allow others to tell your story. "Be radical! There's so much power in how we use our tongues. So stand in your truth and power." Re-language your story for yourself!


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