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That means a Heck of Savings for You!


Clap back with Contracts & Secure Your Profits with my CEO Contract Kit & Contract Q&A Session

ALL FOR $97!

Chances are, you've been "burned" by a customer or business partner and the root of your problem was failing to have a robust agreement that you can fall back on. I get it. It happens to the best of us.


In fact, over 36% of business owners are sued for breach of contract, and at least up to 50% of business owners will be involved in a lawsuit. 


Here's What you get inside the CEO Contract Kit©!

Contract Kit- Cover Image (2).png
Contract Kit- Cover Image.png
Contract Kit & Checklist - Cover Image (1).png

A simple guide to help you easily recognize language that should be included in your agreement.

More robust guide with expanded language, explanations, training, and support to upgrade your protection.

Allows you to return to the CEO Contract Kit© at anytime to update your contract language.

One-hour Q&A to ask me anything about Contracts.
This is worth $7,500 alone.

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