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The 6 & 7-Figure Business Training Success Kit 

Maximize Your Experience with the 6 & 7-Figure Business Owner Success Kit

The common reasons 6 & 7-Figure business owners lose their business profits is that they:

  • lack the right legal team

  • do not know how to build concrete and legally secured business relationships

  • are not trained to recognize business landmines that put their profits & business in jeopardy.

You might even say, "I don't need this because nothing has happened."

In fact, that statement is one of the largest misconceptions in business and that nativity typically sets the 6 & 7-Figure business owner up for failure.

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Why Make this Investment?

With the Business Success Kit, you will gain clarity around your business and whether your deals are ambiguous, you will immediately know whether you're making a 6-Figure mistake or are on your way to doing so, and you'll know what to include in your deals to increase your business protection.

Here's what you'll receive inside the Success Kit:

  1. Workbook To Take Targeted Notes on the Online Training

  2. ​Curated Contract Checklist to help you engage confidently in your deals.

  3. Curated Blog Composite of Critical Contract & IP issues to note in your business.

Now, for $20.00 if all the success kit did was help you uncover blind spots in your business deals, would it be worth it?


If you act now, we're also throwing in a 20-min VIP session (valued at $250.00) where you and other 6 & 7 Figure Business Owners can workshop issues with me before we go live.

Now, that's a heck of a deal!

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