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Every non-profit business should ensure that it has by-laws. If you're operating without one, stop what you are doing and get this template. Most non-profit owners do not know that they are required to maintain their corporate structure. Part of that maintenance is ensuring that Bylaws are in place and follwoing them. When you purchase this template, you will be one-step closer to maintaining your corporate structure.

Business - Non-Profit ByLaws (template)

  • When you purchase this product, you understand that this document is only to be used by you and your business. This document should not be re-shared or tendered to any other person as their needs may vastly differ from yours. If any person or entity wishes to have this document, please direct them to to choose a product that is right for them.

  • By purchasing and downloading this document, you consent that this document is only a template and not to be constituted as legal advise. You agree to hold SL DeBarrow Law Firm, LLC harmless for any tax codes that may not apply to you and any state-specific provisions that are essential to maintaining your corporate structure. You understand that by obtaining this document, no attorney-client relationship has been created. You further understand and agree that you have chosen this specific document for your company although additional documents or a different document may be more essential to your needs.

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