With all businesses, it is essential that you maintain proper records to shield yourself from liability. In this book, you will find necessary items to help you keep track of important meetings, insurance, taxes, any financial records and investments, agreements and more. You should always check with your state's regulations on the entity under which you're registered to ensure that you are complying with the required guidelines.

Business Maintenance Record Book

  • This Record Book does not create an attorney-client relationship with SL DeBarros Law Firm, LLC and you. 

    This Record Book may contain items that may be unnecessary or devoid of items that you believe you need based on your state's requirements. If that is so, you understand and agree that SL DeBarros Law Firm, LLC in no-way will be held responsible for any violations, lawsuits, or penalities that you may incur by failing to gather and maintain proper records as required by your state.