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  • DIY Copyright

    The Underpinnings of Copyright protection
    Valid for one year
    • Common pitfalls
    • The contracts you need prior to filing
    • Filing your application & fees
    • Categories for registration
  • What About Contracts

    Free Course
    Free Plan
    • An understanding of why Contracts are important
    • 30 day free membership to member forum
    • Examples of Proactive Contracts
    • Example of Ambiguity & how it can cost you $$$
  • DIY Trademark

    Understanding the road to brand protection
    • How to search for registered names
    • What you need to file for registration
    • A look into filing categories
    • Illustrating proof of use
    • Guide through application
    • Filing Fees, and notating upcoming filing deadlines
  • Best Value

    Contract Provisions

    Understanding the Ins & Outs for protection & growth
    • Introduction to Contracts
    • Understanding Popular Contract Provisions
    • Utitlizing Contracts for Business Protection
    • Utilizing Contracts for Business Revenue Growth
    • Discovering Contract Ambiguity
    • Sample Business Contracts
  • Business Ethics

    Build a business ethics policy to protect your biz.
    • Worksheet to help you create your policy
    • Steps in creating policy
    • A deeper understanding in the core business ethics
  • Business Formation

    Formation the Right Way
    • Business entities
    • Business formation documents
    • Business Maintenance
    • Protecting the Shield
    • Automating Important Calendar Notifications
    • Initial formation contracts
  • Estate Planning

    For the Busy Entrepreneur
    • Introduction to common Estate planning tools
    • Sample simple wills and planning documents
    • estate planning for your business
    • Power of Attorney & why you need one
    • Trusts
    • Other tools to create estate assets
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