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Attorney Sivonnia DeBarros

Join me at the bulls vs. bucks game 

You're invited!

Help Us Celebrate 10 Years in Business at the United Center


SL DeBarros Law Firm, LLC believes in celebrating milestones and empowering high-networth entrepreneurs to thrive. With a decade of dedicated service under our belt, we're proud to invite you to an exclusive event celebrating our 10th anniversary at the United Center inside a private suite watching the Bulls vs. Bucks game.

And guess what....?

This is an opportunity to revolutionize the way you approach legal counsel and we'll show you how at the event.

If You Are:

  • A Millionaire Entrepreneur.

  • Tired of paying outrageous billable hours that have nothing to do with serving your legal needs?

  • Tired of attorneys providing "lip service" but can't deliver. 

  • Tired of feeling like your legal fees are costing you more than saving you more?

  • Ready to uplevel your legal service? 

  • Would you love to connect with an attorney before you buy?

Then you should be at this event. Although there's no requirement to purchase legal services, we're excited to share something different with you about how your future could be if we partnered.

Plus, we're ready to have fun!

WHY attend?

DSC_0449 a edited.jpg
What Sets Us Apart




Our firm is built on the principles of transparency, integrity, and results.


We believe in delivering top-tier legal representation that aligns with your ambitious goals and values. With us, you can say goodbye to unnecessary billable hours and hello to a strategic partnership that puts your business first!


This event isn't just about marking another year; it's about forging meaningful connections and exploring innovative solutions to the challenges you face in your business.
So, come celebrate with us at this Exclusive Event, and let's raise the bar for legal representation together.


We only have 15 Spots Available!
Apply Today!

Sivonnia DeBarros
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